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Quich Tour of China Paintball Factory
author: Greenhill Paintball [ 2019-03-23 18:30:35 ]

Machines are the key to paintball manufacturing. A mordern and GMP certificated Production Line make the paintballs more qualified and environmentally friendly.

Machines are very importan, the professional workers are more we need.

Strict Quality Control makes every single ball we made excellent for paintball shooting games and rerecational uses.

China Greenhill Paintball Limited has been manufacturing paintballs for over 10 years. 0.68 cal, 0.50 caliber and 0.43'' paintballs are all available.

If you're looking for a Chinese Paintball Manufacturer and Supplier who make custom paintballs with good quality and cheap price, you have got the right place!

Please send us an email for more informaiton: info@chinagreenhill.com