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1.size 0.68', 0.5', and 0.43';
2.enviroment friendly
3.easy to wash after game
4.out door shooting

500 rounds/bag, 4 bags/box

Product Description


Paintball grade Material Caliber (inch) Color package
Training Paintball Gelatin & PEG/Oil 0.68" Optional 2000pcs/box
Field/Premium Paintball Gelatin & PEG 0.68" Optional 2000pcs/box
Tournament Paintball Gelatin & PEG 0.68" Optional 2000pcs/box
Professional Paintball Gelatin & PEG 0.68" Optional 2000pcs/box
Paintball Gelatin & PEG 0.50" Optional 4000pcs/box
Paintball Gelatin & PEG 0.43" Optional 10000pcs/box


1.Superior quality:"Perfect Brittle" shell breaks on target, not in the barrel.
2.Shell: Edible gelatin ,smooth and bright on surface.
3.Color:We have yellow,Pearly Orange,Blue,Pearly Blue,Green,Red shell and Yellow,Orange,Blue,Green,Red filling and other color for your option.High bright color lets you see when your opponent is eliminated.
4.Biodegradable: Soluble in water,Non-toxic,biodegradable.
5.Shelf life:18 months.
6.Storage: Stored at 15~23°C , with relative humidity level no more than 50%.

7.Sample: FREE

We supply the high end 0.43, 0.49, 0.68 inch Training,Premium and Tournament grade paintballs with Oil or PEG fill.It is Edible gelatin, Edible pigment and PEG,which is no environmental impact, water-soluble, biodegradable and no-toxic components. Our Products quality base on ASTM(American Society for Testing Material)Standards.

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