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China Greenhill Paintball 2019 new product of 0.50 caliber paintballs of field grade, premium grade and tournament grade.

A quality paintball perfect for field use. Whilst being competitively priced this ball is made to exceptionally high quality standards to ensure consistency and the right level of robustness for field use. The fills are bright and leave a good mark without containing any environmentally questionable ingredients and is easy to clean. Also available as a winter ball. Boxed in 2000's.

Even the best quality with cheapest price!

Size: 0.50 inch.

Weight: 8.5kg.

Dimension of the box: 0.18m x 0.27m x 0.27m.

Color: Can be customized.

Material: Mainly made with PEG (un-poisonous,un-toxic,can be water-soluble) & gelatin.

Robust: More robust shell avoids gun breaks.

Specialty: The bright fill makes obvious mark on target.

High quality: Paintball shell breaks on target,not in the barrel.

Consistent round: Paintball smooth flight,very accurate for shooting.

Warning: NOT EAT!Not for children,only for target practice.

Attention: Paintball should be stored at 20±2 °C,with relative humidity level no higher than 50%.

Sample is available for quality testing.



Caliber (inch/mm)
Shell color
Filling color
Training paintball
Gelatin, oil
0.68 (17.2)
Pearl orange, blue, green, red or customized color.
Orange, yellow, red, pink or customized color.
Field paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Tournament paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Premium paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Paintball 0.5c
Gelatin, PEG
0.5 (12.5)
4000pcs/box or customized
Paintball 0.43c
Gelatin, PEG
0.43 (11.1)
10000pcs/box or customized



1000 counts packed in a bag, 4 bags packed in a box



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