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23mm 25mm diameter stainless steel mini gauge

We're a professional manufacturer of different threads gauges including 16mm,20mm, 23mm, 25mm, 30mm,35mm,40mm diameter with the pressure of :





And different threads of :

1/8PT,1/8NPT, G1/8, 1/8 BSP thread

M6*1.0 ,M7*1.0 ,M8*1.0 ,M10*1.0 ,M10*1.5,etc.

0-3000 psi,0-1500psi, 0-4500psi, 0-6000 PSI micro gauges are all available. We could make your own brand! 0-300 bar, 0-350 bar,etc.


Please contact us for a bulk order price! It's the cheapest price you could ever find in China!


Email: paintball@chinagreenhill.com

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