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Chin PEG based 0.50 cal paintballs for sale

No expense has been spared to produce a tournament ball of impeccable quality. High breakability combined with hard to wipe bright fills giving maximum splat coverage on impact and design to withstand the highest rates of fire with extreme accuracy. Boxed in 4000's.

UK, England, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia paintball fields purchase the paintballs from us! We sell to paintball customers and distributors all over the world.

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Despite a somewhat slow start, .50 caliber paintball have the potential of completely replacing all current paintball gear.  This movement will gain more steam once commercial paintball fields see how much money can be saved.  Paintballs, guns and gear will cost less to buy and ship and they will be able to store twice as much.  This translates into a much better return on investment when it comes to getting more out of less.  As commercial parks switch over to .50 caliber, they will have to eventually restrict any other size markers coming into their place; will only allow the .50 cal size markers so they can sell more of the .50 cal size paintballs.

For a complete selection of the best .50 caliber paintballs, markers and gear, check out chinagreenhill.com.  We have an entire section devoted to nothing but the latest .50 caliber paintball equipment releases.  Jump on board early and be prepared for the coming change in paintball.  .50 caliber paintball is predicted to save the public’s view of paintball and renew it’s popularity.

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