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1. Ingredian: edible gelatin, glycerin, PEG, water.

2. Shelf life: a year and a half.

3. CAS type: CO2/N2/HPA compatible.

4. Storage: 15℃-23℃, RH≤50%.



1. Environment friendly: It's soluble in water and easily washed away. Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

2. Physics: The shell is smooth and brittle; the filling is bright. It breaks on target instead of in barrel and leaves visible marks, so it's easy to find the eliminated opponent.


Both Hard Shell & Fragile Shell Could be Made. From the beginners' field grade to the professional players' tournament grade, we could make the full line paintballs.

Material & Packing Details
Caliber (inch/mm)
Shell color
Filling color
Training paintball
Gelatin, oil
0.68 (17.2)
Pearl orange, blue, green, red or customized color.
Orange, yellow, red, pink or customized color.
Field paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Tournament paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Premium paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Paintball 0.5c
Gelatin, PEG
0.5 (12.5)
4000pcs/box or customized
Paintball 0.43c
Gelatin, PEG
0.43 (11.1)
10000pcs/box or customized

1. Soft Plastic bag for inner packing (PE), firm and hard box for outer packing (5 layers), wholly tight wrapping on pallet (vinyl).

2. Shipping by reefer container to keep paintballs in good condition (hard shell).


The Paintballs we made are quality guaranteed for 2 years. Free Paintball Samples are available. 0.68 CAL, 0.50 CAL and 0.43 CAL sizes could be made.

The Best Quality and Cheapest Prices Paintballs you could ever get from China.

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