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Paintball balls (0.68in) We specialized in producing softgel capsule which of PEG(Poly Ethylene Glycol), main product are paintballs used in the sport of paintball.

1. Outside Quality: The surface of a paintball must be nice and slick. The shape must be round. If the pellet is in a bad shape, The paintball will:

A. Block the barrel. The paintball will break up before the paintball be Propelled out of the barrel.

B. If the paintball be shoot out of the barrel occasionally, The pellet will move waveringly, could not hit the target accurately.

2. Inside Quality

The outer shell of the paintballs are needed harden to a proper consistency. Feel hard enough, but must break up when drop to the ground. If paintball is too soft, the pellet will not break up properly. When a bad quality paintball hit the body, the player will feel very painful. Water-soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic components are required. Otherwise, the color of paintball must be easy to wash.

Luxury Paintballs with Excellent Quality

500 counts paintballs from China

500 rounds/bag paintballs of field grade

Paintballs Production Line

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