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Coil Remote Hose Line w Q & SC & Mini Gauge

New Coil Remote Hose Line w/QD and  Mini Gauge

    Heavy Duty Remote Hose/Line With Quick Disconnect &Mini Guage that get bulky tank off your paintball gun with a coil remote!

    Unlike braided stainless steel hoses, the coil will expand and contract to fit the position you're in -Rated for 3000-4500 psi use, so you can be sure you won't have any blown ends -Comes standard with quick disconnect ,mini Gauge, and coiled hose.

   Will work with ANY screw-in CO2 or compressed air / N2 tank!*-Now with more flexible coil-Reduced number of coils reduces catching on vests and packs-Field tested with great results.

   There is bleed hole on side of on/off fill adaptor,reduce the risk of rest air/co2.the top cap fixed well,won't be lost when you are on play.

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