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4000 rounds yellow color cheap paintball balls of .50 cal from China Greenhill Paintball Limited

Biodegradable Environmentally Safe Water Soluble Non-Toxic Bright Vibrant Colors

The 0.50 caliber paintballs are good for children's playing and training

Size: 0.50 inch.

Weight: 8.5kg.

Dimension of the box: 0.18m x 0.27m x 0.27m.

Color: Can be customized.

Material: Mainly made with PEG (un-poisonous,un-toxic,can be water-soluble) & gelatin.

Robust: More robust shell avoids gun breaks.

Specialty: The bright fill makes obvious mark on target.

High quality: Paintball shell breaks on target,not in the barrel.

Consistent round: Paintball smooth flight,very accurate for shooting.

Warning: NOT EAT!Not for children,only for target practice.

Attention: Paintball should be stored at 20±2 °C,with relative humidity level no higher than 50%.

Sample is available for quality testing.

The 0.50 caliber Paintballs are made by food-grade galentin & PEG

1000 counts/bag, 4 bags/box

Always with Good quality and Cheap Price

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