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Made of PEG paintball balls from Chinese Greenhill of 0.68 cal, 2000rounds/box

Very good for playing .

Greenhilll paintballs have a thicker shell which makes it very durable and perfect for the entry level marker.China Greenhill paint was designed and priced to be straight-shooting and affordable; it's the best paintball you can get for the price!

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Gray Color Paintballs For Sale

1. Ingredian: edible gelatin, glycerin, PEG, water.

2. Shelf life: a year and a half.

3. CAS type: CO2/N2/HPA compatible.

4. Storage: 15℃-23℃, RH≤50%.


Caliber (inch/mm)
Shell color
Filling color
Training paintball
Gelatin, oil
0.68 (17.2)
Pearl orange, blue, green, red or customized color.
Orange, yellow, red, pink or customized color.
Field paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Tournament paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Premium paintball
Gelatin, PEG
0.68 (17.2)
Paintball 0.5c
Gelatin, PEG
0.5 (12.5)
4000pcs/box or customized
Paintball 0.43c
Gelatin, PEG
0.43 (11.1)
10000pcs/box or customized

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