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Paintball Gun Rest Gun Stand Gun Rack Marker Parker


China Paintball Marker gun parts and upgrade of marker Parker/Stand

Smallest lightweight collapsible stand available!!!

Fits all makes and styles of markers available!!!

Colors Available:  Gold, Black, Silver

Made of high  strength powder coated aluminum and will last a lifetime with proper care.
Fits all makes and styles of markers available on the market.




Great for all players from pro to week end recreational players.
Compact fold-able design Breaks down to a 2” X 20” and fits in the smallest gear bags.



Durable Lightweight design only weights 1LB Lighter than PVC Stands!!!


Durable built in hinges allows unit to break down smaller
Durable polyurethane bands will last a lifetime 

Polyurethane straps connect the aluminum frame and prevent slipping and sliding around on tables.

Polyurethane straps used are an integral part of the frame you never have to worry about loosing parts.

Open design allows you to access and work on all parts of your marker

Powder coated to prevent flaking & chipping after several uses
May be Re-used time and time again
Guaranteed for any manufacturers defects!




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