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Consistent, robust, and effective.

More robust shell avoids gun breaks

Washable ultra thick filler

For tournament player

Amazing paintballs for your battlefields games.

Never break your pain on the way! No damage, no break up!

♣ Warranty


The lifetime is 6months at least if stored at 22centigrade for summer paintball and above 5 centigrade for winter paintball.






♣ Character:


1) suitable hardness for training and tournament


2) bright color and hard to wipe fill


3) fly straight with Competitive pinpoint accuracy


4) Excellent splat coverage upon impact


5) Long range break-ability


6) All environmentally friendly and quality materials




♣ Testing methods:


1)by eyes


2)measure the roundness with vernier caliper and cover die.


3)drop at the distance of 1.8M


4)testing the hardness with special instrument from Germany.


5)shooting by paintball marker

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