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Tactical Picatinny 11-15 inch Floding Bipod



- Aluminum Alloy Construction
- Loosen the rail clamping deck knob slightly,to allow it to fit over and into the cross slot on the rail assembly.
- Tighten the clamping deck knob when you are saticfied with its location.
Tip:Use a flathead screwdriver to apply maximum tention to the knob.
- To control the length of the bipod's two legs,simply loosen the knurled telescoping knobs,entend or retract the legs,then tighten the telescoping knobs to retain the adjustment.
- To fold the legs down for use,or up for stand-up play,simply slide the deployment knobs forward.This will release the legs' catch mechanism,allowing the legs to move to eigher position.

- Model :           BP01 
- Weight :          11.1oz
- Color :             Anodized Matte Black
- Built Material:  Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
-High Tech Durable Aluminum Construction
-Clever Picatinny and Swivel Stud Mounting Systems
-Unique Posi-Lock Feature to Prevent Tipping
-Panning with Fully Adjustable Center Height From 11" to 15"
-Rubberized Comfort Stand


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