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Tippmann 98 Sliding Paintball MP5 Gun Stock

   MP5 Tippman Custom 98 Sliding Stock

   Aluminum SWAT STYLE stock for TIPPMANN model 98, CUSTOM PRO AND BT markers, durable and strong construction, will make your marker look like a real SWAT STYLE RIFFLE. FULLY ADJUSTABLE.. These stocks are very unique as they're a full metal construction with a sliding feature to extend the stock to a length of 9" down to 1". This will give the ability for the user to not have a stock on there at all in tight close quater combat situations

  • Solid aluminum construction giving a realistic solid feel and durability.
  • Six stop points on the stock to give a wide range of user adjustability.
  • Black anodize finish on the stock that will help with a sleek stealth look and a finish that won't fade off easily
  • Easy access button on the top of the stock to give a quick easy system to adjust stock on the fly
  • Fits: Tippmann Custom 98, Custom pro, Custom 98 Platinum series,& Alpha Black Paintball Markers   
  • Black with holes in but for weight reduction    



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