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China Greehill Paintballs of Field Class/Rec Class/Milsim Class and Tournament Class

The Greenhill Sports range of paintballs has been designed and manufactured to be the best available in its class giving maximum performance based on European climate conditions and with all environmental considerations taken into account

After many years of experience with the continents best Paintball Fields, Recreational and Pro players, our range has a ball to meet all these specific needs. Each paintball is available in 0.68 and 0.50 caliber and manufactured to suit the demands of each season. As with all our products, Greenhill Sports guarantees the quality of their paintballs.

Greenhill Sports Field Class

A quality paintball perfect for field use. Whilst being competitively priced this ball is made to exceptionally high quality standards to ensure consistency and the right level of robustness for field use. The fills are bright and leave a good mark without containing any environmentally questionable ingredients and is easy to clean. Available as a winter ball.

Greenhill Sports Rec Class

Perfect for general use, Fields, Rec players and Walk On's. Bright dual shells and bright easy to clean fills with excellent marking characteristics. Made to high standards with quality ingredients to ensure a consistent product. Available as a winter ball.

Greenhill Sports Milsim Class

A high quality ball aimed at Milsim players and scenario games. Made with tactical shells and a heavier fill to ensure maximum range and penetration of foliage. Bright easy clean fills. Available as a winter ball.

Greenhill Sports Tournament Class

No expense has been spared to produce a tournament ball of impeccable quality. High breakability combined with hard to wipe bright fills giving maximum splat coverage on impact and design to withstand the highest rates of fire with extreme accuracy.

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Product Name: Paintball
Size: 0.68",0.50",0.43",6mm
Grade: Training Grade, Field Grade, Professional Grade, Tournament Grade.
Launch Calibre: 17.5mm, 11.3mm
Weight: 3.2-3.4g pcs(0.68’’)
Speed: 230~330 fts
Working Pressure:200 ~ 1000 psi
Gas Type: CO2 / N2 / HPA Compatible
Material: Gelatin + Oil , Gelatin + PEG
Ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, PEG, edible pigment and water
Character: Easy to clean, biodegradable, environmental protection.
Executive Standard: ASTMF-04(American Society for Testing Material)
Gelatin Colour: Optional
Filling Colour: Optional
Package: 500 pcs per bag, 4 bags per box, box size: 27X27X18.5cm, suitable for 160boxes/pallet,
9 pallets per 20’ frozen container, 20 pallets per 40’ frozen container.
Storage Condition:
Keep paintballs in dry, room temperature environment.


1.Bright and clear surface 

2. Steady quality 

3. Various colors 

4. easy to wash after game and biodegradable 

5.no-toxic material



China Greenhill Paintball Limited are the paintball expert who knows how to make the best quality paintballs.

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